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Shoreline Improvements and DES Permitting

If you are planning any project within 250’ of the lake, you must be sure you get any necessary permits in place before you begin your project. It’s not just lakes either, so be aware of where DES (Department of Environmental Services) has jurisdiction (wetlands for example).
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Tips to help boost your homes CURB APPEAL

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression! The first impression that anyone has when coming to your home is the curb appeal(or lack of it). The landscaping that is seen from the street or upon entering the doorway are the areas to consider when thinking about curb appeal. So, how can you boost your homes curb appeal? Here’s a few handy tips to consider.
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Waterfront Retaining Walls

We specialize in waterfront properties. Contact us for your waterfront retaining wall needs in New Hampshire. We design and build boulder, stone, and rock waterfront retaining walls. This is one area where you don’t want to hire just anyone. You can count on us!  
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White Gardens

Need some serenity in your life?  Are you only home during the evenings?  Are you a night owl?  Does your home landscape design need a unifying theme?  Try a White Garden!
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Spring Cleanup

Every garden deserves a good spring cleanup. Have you had professional landscaping installed?  How about just a new patio? Whatever the case, don’t neglect your yearly spring cleanup.
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Landscapings Impact on Real Estate Value

I really want to upgrade my homes landscaping, but I’m wondering if it’ll be money well spent if I sell my home. So, I did a little research. Come to find out, hiring Landscape Architects and Landscape Contractors can actually pay off!!!
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Our 5 Biggest Requests from Customers

Ever wonder what the 5 most asked questions or needs are in landscaping? Here's our top 5!
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Permeable pavers are pavers that have been designed to allow water to ‘permeate’ through the system. You are probably interested in them if you live on a waterfront property or have any water issues to contend with.
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Backyard Landscaping

Have you been dreaming of the perfect backyard landscaping? You're not alone. My idea of the perfect backyard is one that includes my favorite backyard activities incorporated into a beautiful outdoor space.
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Landscaping Solutions for the Lakes Region

When you come to your vacation home for the weekend or for a couple of weeks at a time, who wants to spend their vacation time doing maintenance?
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