The southern part of New Hampshire offers many varieties of scenes. The historically important industrial city of Manchester, the border cities like Nashua, Salem and Portsmouth, the many smaller picturesque towns, and the rolling countryside are all abundantly rich in attractive sights. Many places are rich in traditional New Hampshire life and architecture and reflect that old, established New Hampshire community feel even amid the encroachments of modern life. The professionals at “Landscapes by Tom” would like to offer the following thoughts for your consideration before proceeding with your spring landscaping project.
A common theme in the landscaping in this region would be that of creating shrub borders for the nearby woodlands. The southern areas are more heavily populated than the northern areas of the state, but proudly maintain a woodland feel even in housing areas. A woodland border planting is a beautiful way to seamlessly integrate the domestic yard to the outer lying wild areas. Some good shrubs to consider for next to the woodland would be Viburnums, Dogwoods, Azaleas, Holly, Yew and Serviceberry. Perennials are fun to mix into the front of the border. Some good varieties of perennials for a woodland border bed could be Astilbe, Ferns, Goatsbeard, Ground covers, spring flowering bulbs, etc. Don’t forget about features such as path entrances or bird baths.
Many historic places lend themselves to a classic feel in the landscaping. These styles may range from old colonial style gardens to hedges to courtyards. The ‘colonial’ gardens are usually quite utilitarian in nature and could include herb gardens that would be incorporated into a back yard kitchen garden of blueberry shrubs and fruit trees. A few good hedge materials to consider would be lilacs, yews, dogwoods, forsythia and arborvitae, among others. Courtyards are really interesting features and lend themselves to countless possible layouts. In a courtyard, there could be things such as fences, gates, arbors, paths, benches, water features and vegetable and herb areas, to name a few.
In addition to these classic styles, rock gardens of many shapes and sizes are prevalent. Just like most areas in New Hampshire, many properties in southern New Hampshire have lots of natural granite outcroppings which lend themselves beautifully to a more informal garden. Beautiful, informal gardens are abundant in southern New Hampshire. They wind gracefully around the yards, and burst with color at any given season of the year. You will notice abundant spring color from the forsythias, lilacs and magnolia trees. Summer months bring beautiful color into view from plants such as phlox, veronica, bee balm, coneflower and coreopsis. Fall is the time to enjoy sedums, ornamental grasses, and of course Maple trees. Don’t forget to plan for color and texture during the long winter months. Plants that offer colored twigs like the dogwoods, or evergreens for winter ‘structure’ are important to your overall enjoyment of your landscaping.
We would like to extend an invitation to you to call us so that we can talk to you about the many possibilities that await you for your next landscaping project. You can reach us at 603-279-0376. Happy Landscaping!