(Landscapes by Tom)
Are you fortunate enough to own property in New Hampshire? What a great place to live and play! If you have property, chances are that you will be needing to do some improvements to your land in one way or another, and you will most likely be turning to one of the many New Hampshire landscape companies for help with your project. Here are a few tips for you for when you first consult with one of these companies.
Most people will call 3 different landscapers from their area to come out to their property for an initial consultation. Look on the internet or ask your friends for help in choosing which of these New Hampshire Landscapers to call. When you have chosen a landscaper to call for that first initial visit, be prepared. That is the first tip. Be prepared for the first visit. Making a written list of what your concerns are is a good idea so that you don’t forget anything. Maybe some of these things might be on your list of “Things to talk about regarding our yard”: 1) The drainage problem 2) Need to install a walk or a patio 3) The slope is too steep, so we need a retaining wall 4) We want to have some planting beds created 5) We’re interested in blocking a certain view 6) We need to discuss shore land issues 7) We are considering making a fire pit area 8) We need some steps over here 9) We want more color and fragrance. The list should incorporate all of your ideas. Sometimes, people cut out magazine photos, which is great because it gives the designer a better idea of the “look” that you prefer. Be sure to tell your designer what kind of style you like best; formal/ natural/ manicured/ etc. If you have any particular plants that you want to use or stay away from, be sure to tell this to your designer.
Ask your invited landscaper to provide you with photos of work they have done. Ask for a reference list. Check out the Better Business Bureau. Look at the companies’ websites. Ask your neighbors and friends about their experiences. The company that you choose should be willing to provide you with a professional plan (if your project requires it) as well as a detailed materials list or well spelled out proposal for the work to be done. Be sure of the terms of payment and inquire about guarantees. Doing all of these things may make your final decision of which New Hampshire landscapers to choose easier.