• Project Information
The shoreline on this property is awesome! There’s lots of shoreline, and a nice level lawn area. The goal on this project was to create “Border beds” along the edge of the yard. The shoreline deck and the dock were visually disconnected too, so, we wanted to tie the back yard all together with elements that would visually connect the deck and the dock. The ‘bones’ of this project are the irregular bluestone steppers that tie the deck and the dock together with a beautiful path. The stepping stone path is incorporated into the bed area and has mulch and ‘steppable’ ground covers in the gaps. This makes a very natural feel to the path, and makes them look like part of the gardens. The customer wanted an “English Garden” feel to the beds, so we used plants such as Phlox, Delphinium, Daisy, etc, and planted the beds in an English Garden fashion of being quite ‘full’. At the rear of the beds, you will see some existing shrubs that are remaining from what was originally there. This is due to the fact that they are holding the bank. They couldn’t be disposed of. The taller perennials at the rear of the bed will grow up and help disguise the look of these bank shrubs. At the dock, we added some natural stone steps. Thereis also a little sitting area further up the border bed with more irregular bluestone steppers and a nice
granite bench. This shoreline is really going to “POP” with loads of blossoms!