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Ever wonder what to do with that ugly culvert near the end of your driveway? Why not beautify it?This project shows you just how pretty a culvert can be!!! This bed started off by building a nice block wall at the culverts opening and curving it pleasingly down the slope. The bed encompasses a tree that is nearby. The most interesting feature in this bed is the ‘dry river bed’. The idea was to make the culvert have a purpose. Starting at the outlet of the culvert, we made the grade swale and direct any water out to the edge of the bed. There is weed fabric in the swale, and then various sizes of ‘River rocks’ and ‘fieldstone’ were placed to create the look of a river. Beautiful shrubs and perennials enhance the look of the bed. Now, instead of an eyesore of a culvert, there is an ‘eye-catching’ beautiful bed with a dry river bed and loads of lovely plantings, with a pretty wall for a backdrop.
What a difference!