Before at Barn
barn before landscaping
After at Barn
After landscaping
Before at Drive
From driveway
After at Drive
After from driveway


Previous clients of ours called us back to look at a new project they had in mind. They had purchased a large piece of property in Moultonboro, NH and built an indoor Equestrian ring. These people had enjoyed, for the last several years, the beautiful transformation of a landscape that we created on their waterfront property, and called us in to design and beautify the landscaping of their newly constructed Equestrian Farm. What a pleasure and compliment it is to have satisfied customers return to us for new projects!
We started off by having fruitful conversations and meetings with the clients, and made planting decisions with them. In our planning and design phase of the project, it was decided on that we would be using a lot of native plants as well as “horse friendly” plants. The clients also wanted to incorporate plants that are edible, and requested an assortment of dwarf fruit trees as well as a number of Sugar Maple trees for future “sugaring” endeavors. We love it when clients express their desires in this way, so that we can customize the outcome to suit their personal needs and tastes.
A drainage issue that we encountered was solved by using a natural slab of granite as a walking / bridge to traverse the wet area. We also tackled the leach bed area by beautifying it with native ground covers and Low-bush Blueberries.
This was a fun and exciting project and the clients and their property manager were delighted with the beautiful, new, low-maintenance results!