This is such a great project! It’s a project that includes just about everything and is a complete overall job. You can really see a wide variety of what we do in this work.
The folks who own this property have just purchased it. They wanted to do the entire project and there were a number of areas around the yard that needed attention. When we first met with them, they showed us around and we discussed all the different areas. We agreed on a plan fee in order to do a comprehensive Computer Plan and two Computer Images. At that point, a site evaluation was done, and site measurements were taken. Then it was the design phase of the project. A detailed Computer plan was done and 2 photo realistic images were done. Along with these, we produced a comprehensive materials list and Proposal that were both broken down into many sections. This way, the project was easy for the customers to review and was easy to see where the money was going and how they might divide the project out over a couple of years if they desired. After we presented the plan and proposal to these customers, they decided to go ahead and just ‘do it’! They accepted the entire project!
landscape Computer design 1
Computer landscape design 2
landscape Computer design 3
One issue that came up right away was that the well needed to have some work done in order to increase the output of gallons per minute. The irrigation system along with household use needed to have more water output, so we had the well company come and ‘stratofracture’ the well.
Landscape before
Landscape before 2
During construction
Installing granite lights
Installing pavers
After installation
The first part of the project to be undertaken was the front paver walkway. We created a beautiful curving walk which starts at the driveway, and gently curves to two front entrances. Then, we started with the planting bed areas while the patio under the rear upper deck got underway. We also did some planting beds in areas along the drive, in the well area, along a side yard slope, and other places.
Trench for Electric
There are two granite lamp posts in this plan, and we also installed a granite post for the mailbox. The granite lamp posts required that we dig a trench for the wiring to be buried. We also made a neat bench near one of the front entrances out of old antique reclaimed granite. There were a few substitutions of plant materials that were made and we added on a few plants too, but mostly, everything went as planned.
After the landscaping around the foundation neared completion, we got underway on the patio which is located in a lower wooded area. This is really the ‘signature’ piece of this entire project! There is a slope at the outer edge of the back yard lawn area that descends into a pretty wooded area that has the most SPECTACULAR VIEW ever of Lake Winnipesaukee! This is a tight area, so we first excavated the area in preparation and then we started work at the bottom and worked our way up and out of the area so as not to disturb the natural growth around this patio area. First we did the lower planting bed area, then, the circle paver patio went in.
Before patio and steps
 Before patio and steps 2
Before patio and steps 3
patio and steps construction 1
patio and steps construction 2
patio and steps construction  from bottom
Then there’s a paver walk extension from the circle patio to the granite steps which go up the slope. The granite steps go in a gentle curve up the slope and have ‘blue hard pack’ as the landing surface between the steps. There is garden area surrounding the patio and steps. This is such an inviting little spot to hang out and enjoy the view!
Now, after all this has been done, the lawn is next. The entire lawn area is to be cleared of weeds, and loam is to be spread. After the loam is spread, the lilac in the front yard will be planted, the irrigation system will then be installed and the planting bed areas will have the bed edges cut in and we will finalize the mulch in the beds. Then, finally, the lawn will be hydroseeded. Contact Us Now 
TA DA !!! We have thoroughly enjoyed doing the landscaping for these completely delightful clients. Thank You!
Completed Front
Completed Front pavers
Completed Front LAwn
Completed rear steps and patio
Completed rear steps and patio from bottom
Completed front lawn 2
Completed Back
August 18, 2013
Landscapes by Tom, LLC
62 Pleasant Street, #8
Meredith, NH 03253
Dear Martha and Tom,Rachelle and I want to tell you how much we’ve enjoyed the total landscape project that the two of you and your staff have brought to our home. The design compliments the property perfectly and the plant selection has fulfilled our desires for a colorful setting for all seasons. As there was nothing here to begin with, we were able to start with a blank canvas for both the hardscape design and the design of the beds for plantings. Both have created the curb appeal that the property deserved.The lawn portion of the project has also added to the overall design and in retrospect I’m glad I let Tom talk me into an irrigation system. As of today the lawn has been in for a month and I’ve already mowed three times. We’ve enjoyed the friendship that has ensued and look forward to a continuing relationship for the maintenance of a lovely setting.Yours truly,
Fred and Rachelle Wolf