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This beautiful home up in the NH Mountains had no landscaping when we first spoke with these homeowners. We carefully listened to their needs and desires, and proceeded to present them with a plan and proposal. Some of the concerns presented to us were: 1) The electrical meter is right next to the front door and needs concealing. 2) The front door needs a walk, and they wanted something ‘natural’-looking. 3) The foundation around the entire house and rear deck needed plantings to soften the appearance. 4) The area near the steps to the rear deck needed a faucet and an area designated to washing off dirty feet. 5) The area near the rear deck that has trees and exposed rocks is to have a garden encompassing it.The solutions to each of these shows in the photographs. 1) A trellis with a vine is placed at the electric meter area near the front door. 2) The walk at the front door is constructed out of irregular bluestone and done in a natural curved shape. 3) The areas around the entire foundation have plantings and drip edge. Easy maintenance plantings are key to these homeowners, so we used plants that are easy-care. 4) The steps at the rear deck had a water faucet installed, and another irregular bluestone area was constructed to both go under the faucet and make a walkway at the base of the steps. 5) The garden area at the trees near the deck are designed to be colorful all year and also be low maintenance. We also put irregular bluestone as stepping stones through this bed for access to the other set of steps at the far end of the deck. The end result is a beautiful and useful landscape for this gorgeous country home in the Mountains of NH.