Lakeside restoration 1              Lakeside restoration completed
In June of 2012, a satisfied previous client of ours called us back and we discussed with him and his wife what they wanted to accomplish at their Governors Island home. They had a rip rap style shoreline wall system that was pretty shoddy-looking, a too-steep slope to the lake, and the steps also needed replacing.
Some of the design aspects that we discussed were that the new walls were to appear more ‘structured’ looking, and be designed in a series of terraced walls. They preferred more flat-looking rock to rounded rocks. So, the walls were to be designed to be natural in appearance, yet still retain a structured look. They also wanted to enhance their existing sandy patio above the dock area that would include a new set of granite steps that would access the water in addition to their existing dock steps.
Granite steps
Granite steps 2
The fact that this is a shoreline project invoked the necessity of acquiring DES shorefront permitting. We brought in one of our permitting specialists who assessed that the project they were requesting would most likely be allowed by the DES of NH, and the permit did indeed go through within 30 days.
We created a menu-form proposal for the clients and the clients liked our ideas and agreed to the pricing parameters and we moved forward with the process.
This project was challenging as far as the logistics were concerned. We had even considered bringing in the new stone on a barge, but we instead developed a strategy which proved to be efficient and began our work at the waterfront and worked our way up the slope, excavating older walls out and building the new ones. The new walls were built with concrete and proper drainage behind the walls while maintaining a ‘dry-laid’ look to the face of the walls. The new granite steps were laid in a fashion where they were fanned out down to the waterfront. At the entrance to their home, we also installed granite / bluestone steps.
The clients were excited as they saw their new hardscape unfold and added some nuances and extra work / projects along the way. We were able to slide into home plate at the end of October, installing a new sod lawn before winter to everyone’s delight!
Now, the lakeshore is accessible as well as beautiful!!!