There was lots of work to be done here. Thanks to these homeowners for being such great repeat customers! We worked on the shoreline in previous jobs. There was permitting to be done, and we built a great shoreline wall system of stone retaining walls, granite steps and a perched beach!
Now, this year, we put our attention to other areas. There is a small patio now on the lake-side of the home that accommodates a bistro style table and chair set where you can sit and enjoy the view to Lake Winnipesaukee.
On the street-side of the home, we redid the foundation plantings by keeping a few things that were already there, transplanting others, and installing a few new plants to give it a whole new, fresh look. We also built a stone retaining wall between the driveway and the home. Now the grade works properly in that location.
We have done work on the stone steps that go from the street, down along the side of the garage, and extend to the home which is at a much lower elevation than the road. The walk and steps are now functional and beautiful.
The sod was also re-done too.
Every book needs a beautiful cover!!!