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Meredith NH Landscape Design
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Meredith NH Landscape paver patio
This job is an example of a major overhaul of an existing landscape. The front entry was fairly ordinary looking, and the boulders at the front corner were ‘messy’ looking in our customers opinion. They requested that we come up with a plan to give their yard a makeover. They wanted a lot of things incorporated into their vision. First, we did a computerized landscape design along with a couple of computerized photo-realistic images. This allowed us to communicate with them what their landscaping would look like when completed. Along with the plan and images, we did a ‘menu-form’ of materials list and proposal, which allows them to see the costs broken down and helps them to budget their project over a couple of years.
Landscape Design Plan
Computer image of landscape design
Computer image of landscape design 2
They wanted to have block walls instead of the boulders, a patio going under the entire upper deck, and they also want an outdoor living area which includes a fireplace, wood boxes, a bar, and a built in grill island. This outdoor living area is to be done next year. We offered these folks an alternate plan in addition to the plan you see here, which used less square footage of pavers, no built in grill….you know….stuff that would make it less expensive. But, we don’t blame them – the full plan is the way to go!
meredith nh backyard before
Meredith NH property before
Meredith NH paver patio
Meredith NH Retaining Wall
This year, we installed the front patio, the block walls, and the patio under the deck. WOW! What a difference it makes! They are thrilled at the results so far. The lines are cleaner, the entry is more inviting and the space under the deck is now a usable surface. They are looking forward to next year when the outdoor living space will be installed. They have a lot of family congregate at their house, and do a lot of entertaining. That will be a fun project!
We have done a ‘master plan’ for this property in Meredith, and are working on it over time. We have done several areas so far (above), including a block retaining wall, a paver patio at the entry, and a garden bed at the culvert near the street which includes a ‘dry river bed’. There are more projects to come in the future. Doing a master plan and working on it over time is a great way to plan your landscaping for beauty and budget.
Before Front Yard
During Construction
Meredith Front Yard Landscaping 1
Light Pole and electric comple
Meredith Front Yard Landscaping 2
Final image
Meredith Finished Front Yard Landscaping