This property has a steep grade from the driveway, going along the side of the home, and then down to the lake. In order to make it beautiful and easy to traverse, we added a combination of granite steps and Belgard pavers. As you can see in the photos, there is an existing stone wall near the driveway that is remaining. We worked with that stone wall, and had the stairs come from the driveway, and go down alongside that wall. There is existing decking at the house, where we had the pavers meet that grade.

You can see that there is a septic cover that was incorporated into the paver area.
Then, continuing further towards the lake, there are more granite stairs and terraced planters. When we get to the lake-side of the home, there is a new Belgard paver patio and Belgard walls. Some granite stairs descend into the water through a new blocky granite wall which holds the patio up at its proper grade.

The access to the dock was a little tricky, and we created 2 ways up to the patio with steps going in 2 directions. There is a mulch area around an existing tree, and a granite bench is placed here too. There is one picture hereof the planters that were created with granite benches in between them. As you can see in the
background, this project utilized a barge to access the lakeshore portion of this project