Outdated Lakeshore Deck
Old Wooden Steps to the Driveway
Before we started on this job, the area had an outdated deck at the lakeshore, and older wooden steps going up the side of the home to the driveway.
New Granite Patio
The first year, we installed the patio on the lake-side of the home. This project was a challenge, and had to be accessed by barge due to no machine accessibility available by land. We totally re-did the area, and created planters, a paver patio, benches, 2 sets of steps to the dock and a blocky granite wall with steps descending into the water.
Paver Landing Before
Then, this year, we came back and installed the steps along the side of the home going up to the driveway. Here, we did a series of granite steps, and paver landings. We even incorporated a septic cover into a paver area. Now, the area has been improved, beautified, and is a work of art!
Paver Landing
New Granite Steps to the driveway