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In the summer of 2012, we were summoned to a waterfront home in Moultonboro to discuss the clients concerns about water runoff from the street down their sloping asphalt driveway towards their house and the lake. Upon a series of discussions with these clients, they accepted a proposal to replace portions of their driveway with “Permeable Pavers”.
Permeable Pavers are engineered and constructed in a manner – which includes a specially prepared sub base – that allows movement of stormwater through the surface. The environmental effects of these pavers is qualitatively different than other surfaces. These surfaces allow water to percolate and infiltrate the surface areas that before were impervious to the soil below.
As part of the project, we excavated and prepped for the permeable pavers with a couple of layers of crushed stone to create the base for proper drainage. We also excavated in front of the garage and at the end of the driveway and created a walkway of permeable pavers in these areas too. These paver areas that were created in several places helped to alleviate water drainage problems, and create a continuity of look throughout the driveway system, without having to do the entire driveway in pavers.
We used specialized concrete edging which is made specifically for permeable paver systems. This was used at the green areas along the sides and a border of aggregate was created along the sides. This aggregate edge area created additional run off protection.
The clients were attentive and delighted while we were enhancing their new driveway and within one week of the completed project, ‘mother nature’ provided some heavy downpours which proved that all of the drainage solutions WORKED! Beauty and function……Now THAT’S what we’re talking about!!!
Kathy and Carter
Our 20 year-old asphalt driveway was in serious need of attention and repair. Being on a lakefront slope, we were interested in converting some or all of the surface into a water permeable system, which would mitigate the runoff into the lake. Tom Bryant carefully assessed our situation, offered several options for consideration, and was patient and helpful with our decision-making. He and his crew, led by Brian Chase, did a thoroughly professional job of designing, removing portions of the existing driveway, and installing beautiful permeable pavers which have resulted not only in the desired drainage functionality but also the conversion of a mundane driveway into an aesthetically pleasing surface which adds value to our home. Above all, Tom is trustworthy, reliable, and stands behind his work.