Lake Winnipesaukee landscape
Lake Winnipesaukee construction
Winnipesaukee waterfront landscape before
Winnipesaukee waterfront landscape after
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The owners of this Lake Winnipesauke cottage property had some real challenges with the lot. The foot traffic around the cottage was treacherous due to exposed roots, rocks and steep slopes. There was an old wooden ramp in one location, and the slope to the lake was so steep that getting to the shoreline by foot was nearly impossible. There was an existing deck with steps to a dock, but getting a canoe into the water proved to be an awkward and unpleasant experience. They wanted to be able to access the lakeshore in order to launch a canoe, traverse the slopes comfortably, and also add a little extra seating space for guests. In addition to these challenges, the cottage did not have any planting beds. The cottage itself is small, and curb appeal was greatly needed. Two spots on the property needed retaining walls too. These were the design challenges presented to us.
After initially meeting with the customers, we came up with a plan and brought in our expert consultant on lakeshore permitting for the DES. He met with us, and determined how many square feet were allowed for the hardscape surfaces (patios, walks, steps and walls) and informed us of the shoreline setbacks that were to be observed. With this information, the plan was solidified to meet all of the DES requirements.
Landscape design layout  during construction  after construction 1
stone steps  Natural stone steps to the water
Along with the owners, we decided on natural stone materials to be used in order to keep a very natural look to the property. They also had a few materials stockpiled on site that we decided to utilize in the design. These were some cut pieces of bluestone which were used for a landing at the base of the wide deck steps at the driveway, and some pieces of granite that came in handy for retention in various places. Other than these stockpiled materials that we utilized, we chose to go with natural weathered stones for stairs, and irregular ‘mosaic’ bluestone for level path and patio areas.
Along the edges of the steps, we used natural fieldstone, and the retaining walls were also made of natural fieldstone.
An effective planting plan included a planting bed on the driveway-side of the cottage, with various planting areas along the paths. We used very natural looking plants in order to keep with the woodsy, natural overall effect of the design. Some of the plantings included Ferns, Blueberries, Russian cypress, and Japanese Maple (among others).
The end result was…in the clients words….a “Masterpiece”. Take a look at the “Before”, the “Plan”, and the “After” pictures.
Joanne & Bill
Just recently we contacted Tom about a challenging project. We have a beautiful waterfront lot but it slopes considerably from the house to the water which made it difficult to use and impossible for entertaining. We had a lot of dreams on what we wanted to do around our cottage. Tom and Martha met with us and listened to our ideas and then in a few short weeks made them a reality. The entire team is extremely client friendly, and their only interest is in making sure the client is happy. They start with a solid plan and involve the client in all of the details throughout the process. We thoroughly enjoyed working with them. They are extremely talented and truly listen to the client and bring the clients vision to life. Last Friday when they had finished the job we walked through and could not believe our eyes, they had built a beautiful natural walkway that reminded us of a pathway in a magical forest. And the patio, and walkway connections that flow to and from it are a masterpiece. We are so impressed, they delivered beyond our expectations. We couldn't be more pleased, this not only looks beautiful, but has added a significant value to our cottage.