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A very large, naturalized planting bed

These people have a beautiful home perched atop a hill that has an awesome view in the distance to one of New Hampshire’s lakes. The problem was, that the view in the foreground was a basically just a huge weed patch. (See the ‘before’ picture) So, the idea presented to us was this; make a large planting bed here so that our view is better. Simple, no? Well, not in this case! This proved to be an unusually complicated project. The area in question had a LOT of granite ledge just under the surface of all of those weeds, and to make matters worse, there was a natural spring in middle of the area making things really soggy and un-plantable.
To start things off, we came up with a plan. We also did a photo image of the area. The customers really appreciated the fact that they could envision the new view they would soon be looking at. (Refer to the plan and image) The area was to have a terrace made in order to reduce the slope in the upper portion of the area. We used ‘blasted ledge’ to create the terracing due to the lower cost of the material. Since the area is so large, cost was big factor in choosing what material to use for this. The lower area is where we ran into the issues of ledge and water. A huge amount of excavation was required to remove the weeds, then install a system of diverting water, then filling the area to get the entire bed area deep enough for planting. The very bottom edge of the planting area also had ‘blasted ledge’ to retain it. This was the first step in the project, and what a big step it was!!!
Our customers had a list of plants that they wanted us to incorporate into the design. They wanted Flowering Crabapples, lilacs, blueberries, and junipers, among other plant choices. Since the entire bed area is so large, these are good choices due to their ‘low-maintenance’ characteristics. The bed area was to have a very “natural” appearance, i.e. nothing too structural or formal looking. The plants in the upper terrace area are Flowering Crabapples with a simple mass-planting of “Fragrant gro-low Sumac”. This type of Sumac is nothing like the typical Sumac you are probably envisioning. It will make a nice, low, groundcover that will provide an excellent fall color. The lower, largest planting area has the junipers, lilacs and blueberries along with some other plant choices.
The final, “After” picture shows the new view! What an undertaking it was, and what a huge change in the view they achieved. They were so happy!
Jim & Jane
Tom and Martha were amazing to deal with. They truly listened to what we wanted and did not try to force their ideas on us. We loved Martha's ability to show us on the PC our empty area to be landscaped with plants added in.
The finished product is exactly what we expected and it is beautiful.
I guess what we liked the most was their responsiveness - before, during and after project completion. They both embody true customer service ethics!
Plants Arriving
plantings being installed
Completed Job
completed job