What is Hardscaping? It is anything that is constructed out of “hard” materials in your landscaping such as rocks, natural stone, blocks and brick pavers. In other words, it is basically the walls and patios and any other type of features such as these. Most of the time, these features are one of the first things that you’ll consider having done with your property. After all, you can’t plant that flower bed which goes above the proposed wall until the wall is done. These features are essential to the success of your project. Even if it’s just a front entrance walk, every property can benefit from well thought out Hardscaping. Rather than just a straight walk to the front door made of concrete, why not consider curving the walk a bit, and making it out of a 3 piece paver system? Do you live in an area that has a drainage or lakeshore issue? Perhaps the perfect solution for you would be to have your patio made with a ‘permeable paver system’.
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Choosing the layout and product type for your hardscaping project can be really fun! Take, for example, a patio project. Before you begin, think about what your needs and wants are for the patio. Tell us things such as 1) How many people you want to entertain on your patio 2) How much furniture and accessories will need to be taken into account? 3) Do you want features such as fire pits, a built-in grill island, or anything like that? 4)Are there any DES permit requirements or tricky grades to take into account? 5)What kind of a ‘feel’ do you want your patio to have? 6)Do you prefer irregularly shaped bluestone, or brick type pavers? If you take the time to consider these questions, you can insure that your patio will come out just as you’ve dreamed of!