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Landscapings Impact on Real Estate Value

I really want to upgrade my homes landscaping, but I’m wondering if it’ll be money well spent if I sell my home. So, I did a little research. Come to find out, hiring Landscape Architects and Landscape Contractors can actually pay off!!! Check out what the National Association of Realtors Research Department has to say: “An overall landscape upgrade, new patio, new deck, and softscape upgrade all rendered roughly 100 percent in cost recovery and each project received a Joy Score of 9.6 or higher.” (See report.)

Wow! A “Joy Score” of 9.6 or higher! Well, of course! Who doesn’t love professional landscaping! No wonder it pays off to upgrade your homes landscaping. If I install a new patio, a curvy front entry walk, and add some nice plantings, I can enjoy it all now, and then I can recover approximately 100% of the cost when I go to sell my home. I know this can vary depending on what is done (pools give less of a recovery on investment and lawns give the most), and how it is maintained, but I also know that I love to show my yard a little love. Pruning is rather Zen-like and a new layer of mulch makes everything shine! The way I’m looking at it is the enjoyment I get out of my new landscaping now is like a freebie considering I’ll get back around 100% of my investment on the sale of the home later. Noone wants to see your landscaping look like it was done ‘hodge podge’ or incorrectly. That won’t help at all. Consider hiring Landscape Architects and Landscape Contractors to get real professional landscaping results.

Top 10 Outdoor Features 2016 Remodeling Impact:

Outdoor Features REALTOR® rank of projects’ appeal to buyers (highest to lowest):

  1. Standard Lawn Care Program
  2. Overall Landscape Upgrade
  3. New Patio
  4. New Wood Deck
  5. Softscape
  6. Sod Lawn
  7. Seed Lawn
  8. Outdoor Firepit
  9. Outdoor Fireplace
  10. New Pool

REALTOR® rank of projects’ likely added value to home for resale (highest to lowest):

  1. Landscape Upgrade
  2. New Patio
  3. New Wood Deck
  4. Standard Lawn Care
  5. Sod Lawn
  6. Softscape
  7. Seed Lawn
  8. Outdoor Fireplace
  9. Outdoor Firepit
  10. New Pool

I am planning on my next landscaping project now. I’ll be talking with my Landscape Architect and calling my Landscape Contractor before the season starts. Perhaps I’ll start with a new patio design!


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