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The Importance of Landscape Designers

No matter what your circumstances, speaking to the Landscape Designer as your first stop on the Landscaping journey is a wise choice.
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Permaculture is often referred to as ‘sustainable landscaping’. It’s a holistic approach to your design.
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Landscaping the Summer Lake Home

By landscaping your summer lake home, you will not only be increasing the value of your property, but you will be increasing your family’s enjoyment of it!
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Choosing your Landscaping Materials

Landscaping doesn’t just happen. Choices need to be made regarding the design style, the layout, and the choices of materials to use. Read on for details.
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Landscaping Design Basics

After over 30 years of designing landscapes, I can tell you that there are definitely rules to follow for good design.
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White Gardens

Need some serenity in your life?  Are you only home during the evenings?  Are you a night owl?  Does your home landscape design need a unifying theme?  Try a White Garden!
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Landscaping Solutions for the Lakes Region

When you come to your vacation home for the weekend or for a couple of weeks at a time, who wants to spend their vacation time doing maintenance?
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Sustainable Landscape Design

A sustainable landscape is designed to be environmentally responsible. The landscape design should not only be attractive, but be in balance with nature and require minimal resources to maintain.
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Computer Generated Landscape Design Plans

Computer Landscape Design Photo Imaging is a great tool where you can see what your proposed landscaping will look like before a shovel ever breaks ground! We start with a digital photograph of your project area, and impose a computerized image onto it to show you the end results.
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Spring Gardening Journal

You might find that keeping a gardening journal will prove to be a rewarding experience. Once you've really started being good at keeping a gardening journal, you may wonder how you ever did without it! It can be one of the best property management tools ever.
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